Brick Calculator

The following calculators are provided for material estimates only. Input the square footage of area to be covered, and click calculate for the results.

Calculate Number of  8x8x16 Cement Block Needed

Enter The Square Feet Of Wall Area, Then Click On Calculate

Square Feet
Block Needed

How much brick do I need for my house?
How many pavers for my driveway or patio?

Enter The Square Feet of Area To Cover, Then Click On Calculate

Sq Feet
Modular Brick Needed
Over-size Brick Needed (2 3/4" x 7 5/8")
Pavers Needed (3 5/8"x7 5/8")
Pavers Needed (4"x8")

Calculate Number of Bags of Mortar Needed

Enter The Amount of Brick or Block That You Will Need.

* Number of brick or block Needed from above calculators

*Number of Brick / Block Needed
# of Bags Needed for Brick
# of Bags Needed for Block

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